Join the Confluence of Innovation: Sangam Digital Twin Eol

Welcome to "Sangam: Digital Twin"
a pioneering invitation to collaborate on the future of infrastructure planning and design.

This initiative is a call to action for

public entities, infrastructure planners, tech giants, startups, and academia

to break free from silos and engage in
Whole-of-Nation approach.

Embracing the Future Together

The Sangam Digital Twin Initiative

  • • Fostering Collaboration Across Sectors.
  • • Harnessing Unified Data and Collective Intelligence.
  • • Innovating with Digital Twins and AI.

Crafting the Blueprint

A Collaborative Journey Towards Innovation

  • • Shaping Future Infrastructure with Precision.
  • • Empowering Visionary Design with Real-World Data.
  • • Cultivating a Culture of Iterative Innovation.

Pioneering Precision

Building Tomorrow's Infrastructure Today

  • • Redefining Infrastructure for a Connected World.
  • • Collaborative Foundation for Visionary Infrastructure.
  • • Harnessing Unified Data for Sustainable Solutions.
A journey to Next Generation Planning

Digital Twin Delivers on....


Visualise and create new knowledge by integrating and connecting disparate data sets

Advanced Visualization

System Integration Management


Analyse and understand the performance of assets/services

Make the right decisions in real time

Dashboard and reporting

Performance Integration

Insights and Analytics


Ability to make accurate predictions using Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automation (AI/ML/DL)

Simulation/Scenario modelling


Feature Creation and Extraction



Outreach Programs


Networking Events

397 +

Participants Per Event

1333 +

Pre Registrations

Why does it matter now?

Decade of Change in Data and Processing

Features Image
Features Image
From 3D Modelling to full Digital Technology with AI-Driven Insight
  • The Origins in 3D Modelling: Setting the Foundation From Concept to High-Fidelity 3D Modelling
  • The IoT Revolution: Bringing the Real World into Digital IoT: The Gateway to Real-World Data
  • The Role of Cloud Computing: Scalability and Accessibility Cloud Computing: The Backbone of Digital Twin Scalability
  • The Rise of AI: Enhancing Perception and Decision-Making AI: Elevating Awareness and Insights in Digital Twins
  • The Power of Community, Tools, and Standards: Accelerating Innovation "Harnessing Collective Knowledge for Efficient Digital Twin Development
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Participant Outreach and Engagement

Process of Sangam

DoT would begin this journey with a campaign to engage with potential participants, including industry experts, academia, and other relevant stakeholders, to aware widespread awareness and interest.

DoT plans to conduct three physical (in-person) meetings before the deadline for EoI submission. And planned meetings are aimed to engage prospective candidates and generate enthusiasm for participation.
The agenda is crafted to offer a diverse and enriching experience,
featuring speakers who are leaders and innovators in their respective fields.


Exploratory Phase

Clarity on the Horizon
Understanding 'Digital Twin: Sangam'

Begin your journey with a clear understanding of the 'Digital Twin: Sangam' initiative. This stage is designed to illuminate the project's objectives, scope, and potential impact, setting a solid foundation for all participants.

Creative Exploration
Unleashing Potential

Encouraged to push the boundaries of conventional thinking, participants delve into the realm of possibilities. This phase is all about innovation, allowing for the exploration of creative solutions and novel approaches within the framework of 'Digital Twin: Sangam'.

Confidence in Commitment
Shaping Stage-II

With a firm grasp of the initiative's goals and a creative mind-set in place, participants are poised to confidently select their path for Stage-II. This critical juncture is about making informed decisions on how to contribute most effectively to the collective vision of 'Digital Twin: Sangam'.


Advancing the Vision

Defining Exact Requirements

Building upon the clarity achieved in Stage-I, Stage-II focuses on articulating precise requirements for the selected use cases, ensuring a solid foundation for development.

Collaborative Development

Encouraging participants to work together in refining and developing their ideas into actionable solutions, leveraging the collective intelligence and resources gathered during the exploratory phase.

Preparation for Implementation

Participants finalise their proposals, readying them for the practical demonstration phase. This stage solidifies the confidence and commitment to turn imaginative concepts into reality, setting the stage for impactful innovation.

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Leaf Png
Leaf Png
Why to Join

Transforming Infrastructure with Digital Twin: Sangam

Be part of a collaborative effort to redefine infrastructure planning and design
The "Digital Twin: Sangam"
PoC is not just a project; it's a leap into the future of how we conceive, plan, and build our world.
Your expertise and innovation can help shape sustainable, efficient, and integrated infrastructure systems for generations to come.

Virtual World Creators

Crafting Immersive Realities

Contribution: Bring your skills in creating detailed, immersive virtual environments to help visualize infrastructure projects in unprecedented detail.

Opportunity: Lead in the development of interactive models that enable stakeholders like AR/VR, gaming engine platform providers to explore and test infrastructure designs before they are built.

Computation Power Providers

Powering the Future of Planning

Contribution: Offer the computational resources necessary for running complex simulations and analytics, supporting the backbone of Digital Twin technology.

Opportunity: Computation Power Providers at the forefront can showcase privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), robust API capabilities, essential for intergating Digital Twin, AI, and ML technologies.

Connectivity and Device Integration Specialists

Bridging the Digital and Physical

Contribution: Integrate sensors, AR/VR devices, telecom and IoT technology to gather and provide real-time data, enhancing the Digital Twin with live updates and interactions.

Opportunity: Pioneer in connecting the digital and physical realms, offering new dimensions of interaction and data collection.

Mobility Data Providers

Mapping Movements, Shaping Futures

Contribution: Supply mobility data and insights that illuminate human and vehicular movement patterns, critical for planning efficient and responsive infrastructure.

Opportunity: Unlock the potential of mobility data to predict and plan for future infrastructure needs, optimizing flow and reducing congestion.

Geospatial Data Specialists

Laying the Groundwork for Innovation

Contribution: Provide essential geospatial data, tools, and utilities that form the foundation of every Digital Twin, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Opportunity: Position yourself as a key player in creating data-rich, geographically accurate digital representations of future projects.

Utility Network Innovators

Energizing the Digital Twin Ecosystem

Contribution: Contribute utility network data to enhance the Digital Twin with critical infrastructure information, from power grids to water systems.

Opportunity: Spearhead innovations in integrating essential services into the planning phase, ensuring sustainability and efficiency.

Startups and Solution Developers

Building Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today

Contribution: Leverage your agility and innovation to develop new solutions that address the unique challenges of infrastructure design and operation.

Opportunity: Capture emerging markets by introducing innovative products and services that meet the evolving demands of the infrastructure sector.

Academics and Industry Experts

Shaping the Future through Knowledge

Contribution: Apply your expertise in computation, AI, data science, visualization, or engineering to advance the development of the Digital Twin technology.

Opportunity: Influence the direction of infrastructure planning and design, contributing to the education of the next generation of engineers and planners.


Registration Eligibility Guidelines

Final Selection and Participation Criteria
  • Final list of participants will be announced based on the responses received to the EoI.
  • It is an experimental initiative, broad participation is encouraged
  • Participants are expected to get engaged
    • ⦿ to get engaged earnestly, proactively, and with a focus on the success of the PoC.
    • ⦿ to get get engaged with the spirit of collaboration and innovation,
    • ⦿ to ensure that their contributions are aligned with the goals and requirements of the' PoC.
Important Note on Continued Participation
  • Potential Delisting: Participants may be delisted for lack of relevant competence, inactivity, or if their participation hinders the PoC's progress
  • No Obligation for Explanation: The DoT reserves the right to delist participants without providing detailed reasons, focusing on the PoC's success.
  • No Financial Liability: Participants delisted from the project will not receive financial compensation or coverage for any related costs from the DoT.
Registration Eligibility Guidelines for Organizations
  • Legal Age: Individuals must be of legal age in their jurisdiction.
  • Identity Verification: All users must provide valid identification documents.
  • Compliance with Policies: Users must agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Respectful Conduct: Harassment or abusive behavior is not tolerated.
  • No Duplicate Accounts: Each user is permitted one account only.
  • Accurate Information: Users must provide truthful information during registration.
  • Security Awareness: Users are responsible for securing their account credentials.
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Answers to Common Queries about Participation and Submission

Frequently Asked Questions

The 'Digital Twin: Sangam' PoC aims to revolutionize infrastructure planning and design by integrating Digital Twin technology with AI, ML, and IoT. It seeks to generate social impact through innovative approaches while showcasing the fusion of digital technologies with infrastructure planning to address real-world challenges effectively.

Individuals or organizations involved in creating virtual worlds, providing data technologies, offering dynamic data insights, GIS/BIM technologies, utility and transport network mapping, setting standards, or contributing to viable business models can join. The PoC welcomes participants with diverse expertise and interests in shaping the future of digital infrastructure planning.

Joining the PoC offers numerous benefits, including opportunities to contribute to pioneering projects with national and global implications, showcasing innovative solutions, networking with industry leaders and government bodies, and being part of a transformative initiative shaping the future of infrastructure planning and development.

The Sangam Digital Twin PoC will be held in one of the major cities of India which will serve as a venue for innovation, providing a conducive environment for exploring transformative approaches to infrastructure planning and design.

The Expression of Interest (EoI) is an invitation extended by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to industry leaders, tech companies, experts, startups, institutions, and innovators. It focuses on participating in a Proof of Concept (PoC) aimed at revolutionizing infrastructure planning and design through the integration of Digital Twin technology with comprehensive mobility insights.

The selection criteria emphasize creative and innovative thinking, relevant experience in Digital Twin technology or related fields, and the potential to contribute significantly to the PoC. Applicants are evaluated based on their competence and active involvement in project activities. The Department of Telecommunications reserves the right to delist participants who do not meet the criteria or adversely impact the progress of the PoC.

The EoI process consists of two stages:

  • The First Stage involves setting the foundation for collaborative innovation, where participants contribute to developing solutions using digital twin technologies. It includes activities such as understanding the broader impact, inspiring innovation, collaborative problem-solving, and networking.
  • The Second Stage brings together startups, industry leaders, and stakeholders to develop and demonstrate solutions within the context of the PoC. It focuses on translating innovative ideas into practical, scalable solutions.

Participants are expected to contribute meaningfully to the PoC by demonstrating competence in their respective areas and maintaining active involvement in project activities. Failure to meet these expectations may result in delisting from the project. Participants are not obligated to provide specific reasons for delisting, and the Department of Telecommunications will not bear any financial liabilities resulting from delisting.

The submission requirements for the EoI include personal and organizational details, previous experience in related projects, and any relevant achievements or recognitions. Additionally, participants are required to provide details of their proposed approach or methodology, technological resources they plan to use, human resources commitment, and any additional information they deem pertinent. Participants must also certify that their organization has authorized them to submit the response to the EoI.

The pre-registration process requires providing personal and organizational details, including name, date of birth, organizational email, mobile number, and organizational information such as core competencies and potential interest areas. Individuals and organizations can register based on their respective categories, and validation checks are conducted for accuracy.

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