About Sangam Initiative

A journey to next generation planning

The • "Digital Twin: Sangam" initiative represents an innovative venture to explore and demonstrate the transformative potential of integrating diverse data sources with Digital Twin technology in infrastructure planning and design. This project aims to enhance utility value, optimise resource utilisation, and reduce costs through effective data integration.

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Harnessing Collaboration and Innovation in 'Digital Twin: Sangam' PoC

The 'Digital Twin: Sangam' PoC establishes a dynamic platform for collaboration, where experts from diverse fields can converge to demonstrate the transformative role of data and real-time insights in strategic decision-making. This PoC is not just an intersection of technologies but a melting pot of expertise from various sectors.

Broad Spectrum of Expertise

  • 1. Geospatial and Structural Specialists: Participants include organisations and professionals adept in geospatial digital twins and building information modelling (BIM). Their expertise in crafting detailed digital replicas of physical spaces and structures is crucial.
  • 2. Utility Network Professionals: Experts in geo-tagged utility network information, encompassing sectors like power, telecom, and gas, play a pivotal role. They bring in critical data that informs infrastructure planning and management.
  • 3. Data Insight Providers: This group includes specialists focused on deriving actionable insights from data, crucial for informed planning and response strategies.
  • 4. AI and ML Innovators: Professionals skilled in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) contribute by developing mathematical and graphical models that underpin the PoC's functionality.
  • 5. Gaming Engine Gurus: Experts in gaming engines bring a unique perspective, enabling the simulation of various scenarios and enhancing the PoC's interactive capabilities.
  • 6. Visibility and Synchronisation: Developing capabilities to 'see' and synchronise with the Digital Twin, providing a real-time understanding of the infrastructure and its usage. This subpart is named as Digital Twin: Drishti.
  • 7. Decision-Making Models: Creating simulation models to facilitate strategic planning and decision-making, leveraging AI and ML for predictive and scenario-based analytics.
  • 8. Contextual Recommendations: Offering the ability to suggest specific, contextual actions based on the data and models, allowing for adaptive and responsive changes in infrastructure management. This subpart is named Digital Twin: Sfurti.

The 'Digital Twin: Sangam' PoC represents a collaborative endeavour that merges the strengths of various domains, aiming to build a comprehensive, interconnected digital twin system. This initiative is not just about integrating technologies but also about fostering an environment where diverse expertise collaborates for a unified goal: to enhance infrastructure planning and management with advanced digital tools.