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About EoI

  • • The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) extends a special invitation to industry leaders, tech companies, experts, startups, institutions and innovators to participate in an "Expression of Interest" (EoI). This invitation is anchored around an innovative "Proof of Concept" (PoC), focused on revolutionising the Planning & Design of Infrastructure. At the heart of this PoC is the integration of Digital Twin technology with comprehensive mobility insights, drawing from a wide spectrum of data sources, including key insights from the telecom sector.
  • • DoT is seeking forward-thinking contributors who are keen to explore how this convergence of digital technology and data can bring about a transformative shift in infrastructure planning and design.
  • • This EoI is not just an opportunity to contribute to a cutting-edge project; it is a platform to shape the future of infrastructure planning and design. The Proof of Concept (PoC) initiated under this Expression of Interest (EoI) is officially designated as 'PoC: Digital Twin - Sangam.'
  • • The 'Digital Twin - Sangam' is designed to showcase how the integration of Digital Twin technology with state-of-the-art digital communication and computational tools can effectively address the challenge of infrastructure development and effective planning. The PoC will leverage technologies such as Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to play a pivotal role in analysing complex data sets, providing deeper insights into attendee behaviour and infrastructure usage. It is also aimed to leverage Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs): Ensuring that the increased data collection and analysis uphold privacy standards is a key aspect of the PoC, addressing potential privacy concerns. Internet of Things (IoT) technology would be instrumental in real-time monitoring and management of event infrastructure, enhancing the capacity for responsive planning and design.
  • • In this context, nuanced insights and strategic planning become crucial to not only enrich the attendee experience but also to mitigate the strain on infrastructure and the environment

Stages of EoI

A Two-Stage Expedition for Collaborative Innovation and Impactful Solution Development

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First Stage of EoI

Setting foundation for a collaborative, innovative and impactful journey

Second Stage

Designed to bring start-ups, industry leaders, and stakeholders together

First Stage of EoI

Setting foundation for a collaborative, innovative and impactful journey. An opportunity for all to contribute meaningfully towards creating powerful and more meaningful solutions and also provide opportunities to all stakeholders to forge lasting partnerships.

  • This stage will help all stakeholders to

    • ⦿ Understand the Broader Impact and concept of the EoI
    • ⦿ Inspire and inculcate Innovation and Idea Sharing
    • ⦿ Collaborative Problem Solving
    • ⦿ Networking and Building Connections

    Screening of First Stage

    • ⦿ Technical discussions/ presentations will be held with the short-listed participants, which are prima facie considered technically capable to contribute in developing solutions using digital twin technologies..

    Deliverables of First Stage

    • ⦿ Development of a Living List of Use Cases
    • ⦿ Presentation of Proposed Solutions
    • ⦿ Inclusion in the Living List

    Duration of First Stage

    • ⦿ After finalisation of list of participants, within two months, all participants are required to finish the tasks of the first stage

    This stage is categorised as a “Non-committal” EoI, meaning participation in the second stage is not limited exclusively to those shortlisted in the first stage.

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Stage-I of Sangam started
Deadline for EoI extended till 25th June 2024

Note: Do not to wait till the end to submit your application. Early submission will allow you to integrate sooner in Stage-I

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