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Get Involved in the Sangam Initiative

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Pre Registration

Stay Ahead: By pre-registering, you'll receive regular updates, access to exclusive content on our blog, and the opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded individuals and organizations passionate about infrastructure innovation.

Join Networking Events

Learn and Contribute: Discover the vast opportunities the Sangam initiative offers and how your contributions can shape the future of infrastructure planning and design. Attend our outreach programmes to deepen your understanding and explore potential contributions. Stay tuned to the Outreach programmes section of the website.

Suggest Use Cases

Voice Your Ideas:Pre-registered participants are encouraged to suggest use cases they believe should be considered within the Sangam initiative. Your suggestions can help shape the direction and focus of our collaborative efforts.

Lead the Conversation

Volunteer as a Speaker: Pre-registered individuals are welcome to volunteer as speakers in our outreach programmes. Share your expertise, insights, and experiences to motivate and guide participants towards impactful contributions.

Contribute Content

Share Your Expertise: If you have relevant content such as video clips, presentations, or research documents, pre-register to submit your work for inclusion in our curated content section. Help enrich our collective knowledge and inspire others.

Submit Your Interest

Participate in the EoI: Take the definitive step by submitting your response to the EoI and join the first stage of the Sangam Initiative. Whether as an individual expert or on behalf of an organization, your active involvement will drive the initiative forward.