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S.No. Name of Organisation Category Application ID Website
1 Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240112
2 Airshed Planning Professionals Pvt. Ltd Organisation APL20240192
3 Ajnalens Organisation APL20240099
4 Amantya Technologies Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240035
5 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Organisation APL20240178
6 Amity University UP Noida Organisation APL20240079
7 Amity University UP Noida Organisation APL20240080
8 ANAt National University Organisation APL20240165
9 Atibha Research and Development Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240046 NA
10 Axomem Pte Lte Organisation APL20240164
11 Azure Cloud Services Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240031
12 Bariflo Labs Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240017
13 Bentley Systems Organisation APL20240096
14 BetterDrones (Knifedge Lab Technologies Pvt ltd) Organisation APL20240140
15 Bharti Airtel Organisation APL20240199
16 BSNL Organisation APL20240186
17 C E Info Systems Limited Organisation APL20240054
18 CADFEM India Pvt Ltd (Ansys) Organisation APL20240190
19 Cateina, System Integrator Organisation APL20240202
20 Cave Labs, PES University Organisation APL20240095
21 CDAC Organisation APL20240120
22 ChainCode Consulting LLP Organisation APL20240032
23 CoreData Networks Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240093
24 Dell Organisation APL20240141
25 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP Organisation APL20240196
26 Digicred Technologies Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240166
27 Dreamsoft Innovations Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240172
28 Earning Designs Pvt Ltd (Exdera) Organisation APL20240045
29 Eartheon Geospatial Systems Organisation APL20240179
30 Elena Geo Systems Organisation APL20240210
31 Elena Geo Systems Organisation APL20240182
32 EnrFlo Organisation APL20240033
33 Ernst & Young LLP Organisation APL20240162
34 ESRI India Organisation APL20240157
35 Fabrik Organisation APL20240188
36 Finaara Organisation APL20240010
37 Fluidyn India Organisation APL20240097
38 GarudaUAV Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240205
39 Genesys International Corporation Limited Organisation APL20240082
40 GeoCam Organisation APL20240135
41 Geocon Organisation APL20240089
42 GFT Technologies Organisation APL20240102
43 GISE Hub, IIT Bombay Organisation APL20240143
44 Organisation APL20240044
45 HCL Software Organisation APL20240191
46 Hexagon Capability Centre India (HCCI) Organisation APL20240109
47 ICiTified LLP Organisation APL20240088
48 Idasu Labs Pvt. Ltd. Organisation APL20240203
49 IIC Technologies Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240101
50 IIIT Hyderabad Smart City Research Centre Organisation APL20240062
51 IIITDM Kurnool Organisation APL20240106
52 IIT Bombay Organisation APL20240113
53 IIT Bombay Organisation APL20240153
54 IIT Hyderabad Organisation APL20240149
55 IIT Mandi Organisation APL20240189
56 Inderprastha Engineering College, Ghaziabad Organisation APL20240076
57 IndyGenAI Labs Organisation APL20240154
58 Innogle Organisation APL20240152
59 Innovate Labs Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240110
60 Intel Organisation APL20240100
61 Intelliod Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240211
62 Intergraph SG&I India Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240116
63 Invicara Organisation APL20240090
64 IPG Automotive India Organisation APL20240198
65 IUDX, IISc Organisation APL20240126
66 Kare4u Healthcare Solutions Organisation APL20240081
67 KPMG Assurance and Consulting Services LLP Organisation APL20240155
68 Lab to Market Innovations Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240086
69 Lepton Software Organisation APL20240024
70 LivNSense GreenOps Private Limited Organisation APL20240183
71 MAI Labs Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240111
72 MATH, T-Hub, Telangana Organisation APL20240121
73 Metavian Technologies Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240176
74 National Institute of Technology Calicut Organisation APL20240207
75 NatureDots Organisation APL20240078
76 Nayan Technologies Organisation APL20240055
77 NEC Corporation Organisation APL20240177
78 Nimble Vision Organisation APL20240007
79 Nokia Networks Organisation APL20240146
80 NTT Data Organisation APL20240085
81 Optimuslogic Systems India Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240043
82 Oracle Organisation APL20240105
83 Palantir Shakti Technologies Organisation APL20240201
84 Phimetrics Telecom Value Added Services Pvt Ltd (Mozark) Organisation APL20240144
85 Pinnacle Infotech Solutions Organisation APL20240185
86 Plaksha University, Punjab Organisation APL20240053
87 Power Profit Technologies (Felida Systems) Organisation APL20240092
88 PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd (PwC) Organisation APL20240181
89 QpiAI Organisation APL20240115
90 Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Organisation APL20240159
91 Rosys Virtual Solutions Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240187
92 Siemens Organisation APL20240040
93 Skyrax India Organisation APL20240174
94 SMPS Electric Control Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240163
95 Sociograph Solutions Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240204
96 Sona College Of Technology Organisation APL20240103
97 Superbolt Technologies Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240151
98 Susan Future Technologies Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240148
99 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Organisation APL20240137
100 Tech Mahindra Organisation APL20240133
101 Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation (TIHAN), IIT Hyderabad Organisation APL20240056
102 TelcoSolve Systems Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240022
103 The Boston Consulting Group (India) Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240104
104 TheMoe Organisation APL20240107
105 Transportation Engineering Research Group, IIT Madras Organisation APL20240212
106 Trigyn Technologies Limited Organisation APL20240117
107 TWYN Organisation APL20240030
108 Vodafone Idea Limited Organisation APL20240175
109 VRticles Consulting Pvt Limited Organisation APL20240049
110 Waterbot Online Solutions Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240119
111 Xfinite Technologies Pvt Ltd Organisation APL20240156
112 Zodhya Technologies Organisation APL20240034
113 Abhay Kumar Das Individual APL20240167 NA
114 Abhilasha Maheshwari, IIT Jodhpur Individual APL20240091 NA
115 Amita Gupta Individual APL20240209 NA
116 Anchal Patil, International Management Institute, Delhi Individual APL20240036 NA
117 Anitha Sheela Kancharla,Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad Individual APL20240197
118 Battula Ramesh Babu, MNIT Jaipur Individual APL20240065
119 Chintan Patel, IIT Bombay Individual APL20240084
120 Chitrakala. S, Anna University Individual APL20240138
121 D.Sony Individual APL20240142 NA
122 Dr. Pallavee Bhatnagar Individual APL20240068 NA
123 Dr. Supraja Reddy Ammana Individual APL20240208 NA
124 E S Gopi Subbu, NIT Trichy Individual APL20240173
125 G S Raghavan, IBM Consulting Individual APL20240073
126 Hari Ponnama Rani, NIT Warangal Individual APL20240061
127 J Ethiraj Individual APL20240012 NA
128 Justin Antony Individual APL20240147 NA
129 Lakshmi Panat, CDAC Individual APL20240072 NA
130 Lokabhiram Chintada, IIIT Hyderabad Individual APL20240064
131 Madhava Nallapaneni Individual APL20240170 NA
132 Mayank Pandey, MNIT Allahabad Individual APL20240063
133 Mr. Azghar Hussain Mohammad Individual APL20240108 NA
134 Nikesha Patel, PhD Scholar Individual APL20240026 NA
135 Pradeep Ganapathy Individual APL20240194 NA
136 Prativa Priyadarshini Individual APL20240127 NA
137 Rahul Dutta Individual APL20240016 NA
138 Rajesh Kumar, BITS Pilani, Goa Campus Individual APL20240001
139 Rajmohan Soundararajan, NIT Warangal Individual APL20240019
140 Revathi T Individual APL20240129 NA
141 Shuvashish Naik Individual APL20240048 NA
142 V Vasu, NIT Warangal Individual APL20240128
143 Yash Prakash Gupta Individual APL20240087 NA
144 Yogesh N Trivedi Individual APL20240070 NA