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15 Feb 2024

Floating Eol

1 Month to respond to Eol

15 March 2024

Outreach Programmes

Duration: 1 Month

Web platform to get connected and Engaged

Three Physical Conferences to make aware about the initiative

Via Social Media

15 March 2024


15 March 2024

15 March: Deadline for Eol Submission

25 March: List of Participants for Stage-1

Broadly application from almost all organisation is to be accepted except application is frivolous or irrelevant
Option to delist if found to be hampering objective of PoC


25 March to 25 May 2024

Stage-1: Exploratory Phase

Get Clarity of Horizon, Do Creative Exploration, Become Confident & Committed for Stage-II

Four Physical Networking Events (data seekers/ providers, utility, platform providers)

GIS/BIM/CSP/TSP/ VR platforms/Startups/Academia/ Environment

Via Video Conferences: Theme-based

Deep discussions via Collaborative Tools-on Web platform

Regular update of Living List of Use Cases

Participants Identify specific use cases for Stage-II, form teams and present it

25 March to 25 May 2024

25 May 2024

15-25 May: Final Presentation of Stage-I Deliverables

Articulating requirements for Stage-Il


15 June to 15-Dec 2024

Stage-II: Advancement of Vision

Defining Exact Requirements Collaborative Development (in teams), Demonstration of Use Cases


Stay tuned for the exciting reveal