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Joining our Sangam community gives you the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, industry professionals, academia, entrepreneurs, and government and learn from the collective experience. You can contribute to discussions that pave the way for innovation and technological advancements. Whether you’re looking to share your expertise, ask questions, or stay updated with the latest trends, this forum is your gateway to the world of innovation and creative thinking for future infrastructure planning and designing.

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Let us know about your interest or experience with digital twins.

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What to Expect

Latest Trends

Stay updated with the latest trends and breakthroughs in AI, machine learning models, algorithms, and deep learning techniques.

Technical Support

Seek advice, share your coding dilemmas, and troubleshoot with the help of community experts.

Project Showcase

Display your projects, gather feedback, and fine-tune your approaches with insights from fellow data enthusiasts.

Career Advice

DispNavigate your career path in AI and data science with tips from industry professionals and academic experts.

Learning Resources

Access a curated selection of learning materials, tutorials, free courses, and more to enhance your skills.

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Please maintain respect and professionalism in all interactions. Help us foster an inclusive and supportive environment where all members can learn, share, and advance in the fields of Data Science and AI.

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