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Will be held before EoI Submission Deadline
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Bridging the gap between Innovation and Planning

Come and be a part of the opening event of Sangam. Participating in Sangam outreach program gives you an opportunity to position yourself as a key player for infrastructure planning and design by connecting, collaborating and engaging in insightful discussions with professionals from diverse industries.

Sangam – Delhi
India’s Enterprise Hub

Venue: IIT Delhi

Date: 5th March 2024

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Confluence of Minds and Data

Sangam- Bengaluru gives a platform for intersectoral interaction. Come and connect with industry experts, explore possibilities to contribute for better and efficient infrastructure planning and design.

Sangam – Bangalore
India’s Silicon Valley

Venue: IIIT Bangalore

Date: 9th March 2024

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Confluence of Innovators and Opportunities

Experience Sangam- Hyderabad, an opportunity to share your ideas, knowledge and innovative solutions with professionals from diverse sectors.

Sangam – Hyderabad
India’s Innovation Hub

Venue: IIIT Hyderabad

Date: 12th March 2024

Sangam 2024: Uniting Minds, Inspiring Change

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Join us for Sangam 2024, a premier event where innovation meets inspiration. With locations in Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, Sangam offers a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and enthusiasts to come together and exchange ideas that shape the future. Don't miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience. Register now before it's too late.

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Networking Event Dignitaries & Speakers


Dignitaries List Coming Soon

Meet Our Speakers

Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey of content creation! Your participation is key to shaping the direction of our upcoming material. Dive into interactive discussions, share your ideas, and contribute your unique perspective. Together, let's make our content truly exceptional.

Speaker List Coming Soon

Schedule Outreach Program

Time Duration Session Name Organization Speaker
09:30-10:00 30 mins Registration and Tea TCOE Registration Desk
Time Duration Session Name Organization Speaker
11:00-11:20 20 mins Overview of Sangam: Digital Twin Initiative DoT Sh. Asit Kadayan
Time Duration Session Name Organization Speaker
11:20-11:35 15 mins Transforming WASH Infrastructure: Leveraging Digital Twins for Strategic Planning and Responsible Utilization WASH Innovation Hub Sh. Srinivas Chary Vedala
11:35-11:50 15 mins Imagining the Boundless: Experimental Iterations through VR, AR, and AI Meta Autovrse Mr. Ankit Dhadda
11:50-12:05 15 mins Risk Free Experimentation for Planning and Adaptation leveraging Digital Twins TCS TwinX Mr. Kaustav Bhattacharya
12:05-12:20 15 mins Privacy Enhancing Technologies Google Mr. Rajeev Verma
12:20-12:35 15 mins Blueprint to Reality: Engineering a Sustainable Water Ecosystem with Digital Twin Technology IIIT Hyderabad Ms. Anuradha Vattem
12:35-12:50 15 mins Questions And Answers
12:50-13:50 1 hr Lunch Break
Time Duration Session Name Organization Speaker
13:40-13:55 15 mins Reimagining Infrastructure by leveraging 5G & AI Qualcomm Mr. Nitin Sharma
13:50-14:05 15 mins Digital reality for Smart cities Hexagon R&D India Mr Rajesh Dhyani, Executive Director & Head of Geosystems
14:20-14:35 15 mins Bridging Gaps, Building Futures: T-Hub’s Role in Advancing Digital Twin Innovations for Public Good T-Hub, Telangana Wg Cdr Anish Anthony (Retd), COO
14:35-14:50 15 mins From Vision to Value: : Empowering Infrastructure Planning with Global Insights through Digital Twins and AI Deloitte Sh. Aditya Khaitan
14:50-15:05 15 mins Perspective of Telangana State Government for Infrastructure Planning & Design EC&IT, Telangana State Govt Ms. Rama Devi, Director
15:05-15:20 15 mins Digital Twins: Pioneering Smart Infrastructure Neurom Innovations Mr. Sumedh Sonkamble
15:20-15:35 15 mins Learning through Digital Twins: A New Era of Training and Evaluation PES University, Bengaluru Mr. Adithya
15:35-15:50 15 mins Sustainable energy solutions for Data Centers Readypods Technologies Mr. Chandra Vadrevu
15:50-16:05 15 mins Questions And Answers
16:05-16:20 45 mins High Tea + Netwroking
16:20-17:00 50 mins Digital Twins Unveiled: Your Questions Answered by the Experts


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Outreach Program Dignitaries & Speakers



Narayanan P. J.


International Institute of Information Technology

P. J. Narayanan has done his Ph.D from University of Maryland, USA. He is known for his work in computer vision (3D reconstruction, structure-from-motion, computational displays), computer graphics (ray-tracing of implicit surfaces, dynamic scenes), and parallel computing on the GPU (graph algorithms, string sorting, ML techniques like graph cuts, ANN and clustering, as well as several computer vision tasks).

Meet Our Speakers

Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey of content creation! Your participation is key to shaping the direction of our upcoming material. Dive into interactive discussions, share your ideas, and contribute your unique perspective. Together, let's make our content truly exceptional.


Ankit Dhadda

Ankit Dhadda is a digital marketing and product professional with over 15 years of experience across education, personal finance & media. He currently works in realty labs at Meta focusing on developer and India market solutions.

Ankit Dhadda

Partner Manager

Realty labs, Meta


Aditya khaitan

Aditya started his professional career with KPMG in 2005 post completion of his academic endeavor in Bachelor of Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology and Masters in Business Administration from ICFAI Business School, Bangalore. During the 12 years in KPMG India, He had the opportunity to provide consulting services in more than 20. Recently he joined Deloitte Management Consulting team as a Partner in TMT service line.

Aditya khaitan

Partner, Telco-Technology and 5G Leader

Deloitte India


Anuradha Vattem

Anuradha Vattem has developed the campus into a smart city living lab that act as a real-world testbed for deploying, evaluating, and creating smart city solutions. It is powered by the OneM2M Interoperability layer and Indian Urban Data Exchange [IUDX] platform in collaboration with the IISc, Bangalore with standard data and information models. She collaborated closely with Silicon Labs to establish India's first Wi-SUN (RF-Mesh) deployment on the IIIT campus.

Anuradha Vattem

Lead Architect

IIIT Hyderabad


Adithya Balasubramanyam

Dr. Adithya Balasubramanyam is an Augmented and Virtual Reality expert and faculty member at PES University, Bangalore. Leading the CAVE labs, he focuses on Digital Twins, Metaverse, and AR/VR applications for Medical Training. With a PhD in Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality from South Korea, he brings rich experience from roles at Schneider Electric and Jyothy Institute of Technology. Dr. Adithya has filed 4 patents, published extensively in top venues, and mentors both PhD and undergraduate students.

Adithya Balasubramanyam

Educator & Researcher

CAVE Augmented and Virtual Environments Lab


Chandra Vadrevu

He worked on enterprise architecture designs, hyper converged technologies, cloud, automation, cloud migration, high speed data science platforms, setting up of Private data centers, hands on with various telecom core networks.

Chandra Vadrevu


ReadyPods Sustainable containment Data Centers


Kaustav Bhattacharya

Kaustav's expertise is marked by his co-authorship of numerous patents and scholarly articles in the realm of Enterprise and Process Digital Twins. His research endeavors are particularly focused on digital twin-enabled risk mitigation experiments, ecosystem modeling, and public policy formation. He is adept in formulating go-to-market strategies, ensuring sustainable business growth, and shaping the societies of the future.

Kaustav Bhattacharya

Global Product Head



Nitin Sharma

He has 26+ years of Software and Wireless Communication industry in the fields of engineering, management and intellectual property. The key responsibilities include developing India Patent Prosecution Strategy, 5G and AI/ML Technology Patent Portfolio management, IP Education and driving initiatives around managing innovation in the organization.

Nitin Sharma

Technology Counsel



Rajeev Verma

Rajeev verma is a seasoned Cloud Technical Architect with 20+ years of experience designing and deploying scalable cloud solutions across GCP, AWS, and Azure. He has a Proven track record in driving cloud migrations, optimizing cloud infrastructure, and implementing robust security protocols. He is adept at translating business needs into effective cloud architectures.

Rajeev Verma

Cloud Technical Architect

Google Cloud


Rajesh Dhyani

Rajesh is a Technology veteran of 27 years with an experience spanning disciplines such as Software Development, User experience, Digital reality & much more. He's worked in domains such as BFSI, ITES, AEC and Geospatial to name a few. In his current role, he leads Hexagon R&D India's Geosystems and Mining divisions. He is actively pushing the boundaries of innovation, specific to creation of digital reality and its use in Smart Cities, Enterprise engineering Solutions and other fungible use cases.

Rajesh Dhyani

Executive Director & Head of Geosystems



Rama Devi Lanka

Rama Devi Lanka role is to formulate and execute policy frameworks in frontier technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Drones, Cyber Security, and others that would create a conducive ecosystem for the growth of emerging technologies in the State. She was instrumental in setting up institutions of Excellences or CoEs in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, eWaste, and Additive Manufacturing.

Rama Devi Lanka

Director, EC & IT

Telangana State Govt.


Srinivas Chary Vedala

Professor Srinivas is the Centre Director at the Administrative Staff College of India. He leads the Centre for Environment, Urban Governance and Infrastructure Development. He is an urban planner and public health engineer with over two decades of experience in urban infrastructure and service delivery. He specializes in water and environmental sanitation (WASH) services, and his portfolio spans policy, programme, capacity development and knowledge management. He serves on various Inter-Ministerial Committees on Citywide Inclusive Sanitation, WASH in schools, urban water management, and urban development. He supported the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, by independently appraising city development plans, reforms implementation and smart city proposals. He has received the Water for Life UN-Water Best Practices Award (4th edition) for his successful advocacy.

Srinivas Chary Vedala


WASH Innovation Hub


Sumedh Sonkamble

Sumedh is a XR architect and have a significant experience with international and national projects involving AR, VR, ML, AI, Web & App related frameworks. He understands the outlook of the complete product cycle, right from understanding the customer requirements, brainstorming, target users, scalability to delivering the appropriate solution suiting the need.

Sumedh Sonkamble




Wg Cdr Anthony Anish (Retd)

A Kargil Veteran, Indian Air Force helicopter pilot, instructor and DRDO project director who pivoted to being an entrepreneur and helped start and build 2 multi million $ companies. Currently heading Operations at the world's largest innovation campus and startup incubator.

Wg Cdr Anthony Anish (Retd)

Chief operating officer